University Cheats Me Out Of Funds Expended For Beverages Consumed During School Picnic


During the early portion of the academic year, prior to my being elected treasurer of the medical schoolís chapter of the American Medical Students Association (AMSA) the organization held its annual picnic. Alcoholic beverages are a routine feature of this student organizationís event attended by medical school administrators and students.

Upon assuming the office of treasurer, the vendor providing the alcoholic beverages for this picnic contacted me threatening collection action if immediate payment was not forthcoming! Upon investigating, I discovered the organization lacked the financial resources to purchase the liquor.

However, Judy DeMers advised the organizationís previous officers to charge the purchase and the organizationís future officers would be responsible to collect the funds to pay the debt later in the semester. Moreover, Judy suggested she would assist us in obtaining the funds by lying to the University by misrepresenting the content of the organizationís expenditure!

By November, the vendor was irate. Therefore, I decided to pay the vendor from my personal funds, allow the organization to reimburse me interest free without pressure and insure the organization possessed money before making future purchases. Judy DeMers approved my plan and I paid the vendor.

I never received any of my money.


Citing sovereign immunity, the University of North Dakota refuses to address this issue.

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