Chronological Incidents of University Condoned Harassment



1. Medical School administrators negligently violated regulations and willfully jeopardized my scholastic standing by condoning the continual barrage of harassment described below.

2. This harassment is responsible for the destruction of my career.

3. Medical school administrators could have stopped this harassment immediately.

4. Inadequate security in the medical school failed to concern Medical School administrators.

Typical threat condoned by University administrators.

Typical smutty material issued by my harassers also condoned by University administrators.

The Harassment Begins

1. September 1988 I observed University of North Dakota Associate Dean; Judy DeMers accept a $75,000.00 illegal campaign contribution. The money came from charitable "pull tab" games. Also utilizing her University office Judy DeMers actively campaigned for various candidates and causes.

2. 11/22/89 A thief absconded with my Developmental Anatomy (embryology) notes. The theft transpired in the medical school freshman classroom during the routine ten-minute break between classes.

3. 12/3/89 10:18 p.m.--I received a telephone call regarding cheating in medical school.

4. 12/3/89 11:00 p.m. I received a very irrational telephone call from a classmate. Her conversation began with an obscenity followed by irrational statements and repeated demands to "take it up with Judy [DeMers]". Judy DeMers queried as to the date of this call, but failed to take any substantive action.

5. 12/12/89 12:01 a.m.--Male caller stated a cheating ring existed in the first year class and the thieves had my notes and started to laugh. I notified campus police.

6. The disappearance of my developmental anatomy (embryology) textbook from the medical school library when I went to the restroom prompted me to purchase a second textbook. The original textbook resurfaced after the second (final) developmental anatomy examination! See section entitled University of North Dakota Supports Criminal Theft accessible through the index pertaining to harassment.


Samples of Documented Incidents of Harassment-Date (1990) and Description of Incident

Note: Because of limitations on web size and the suitability of much of this material for general viewing, this page contains only a sample (excluding obscene materials) of the harassment condoned by University of North Dakota.

  1. 1/90 My Behavioral Science reading packet (assignment placed in student mailboxes by the Neuroscience Department) was is complete disarray, it had articles missing, and pages removed from the remaining articles. A weird note stating "We got U again" accompanied this disheveled assignment packet.
  2. 1/2 11:45 p.m. Harassing telephone call "To bad you're back"
  3. 1/13 1:45 a.m. Harassing telephone call-laughing
  4. 1/13 3:30 a.m. Harassing telephone call-laughing
  5. 1/16 11:45 p.m. Harassing telephone call-laughing
  6. 1/19 11:45 p.m. Harassing telephone call-laughing
  7. 1/20 2:30 a.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing and banging
  8. 1/20 11:30 p.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing
  9. 1/23 11:30 p.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing
  10. 1/25 11:59 p.m. Harassing telephone call-banging

Harassment Transpiring During The Crucial "March Block"

Because of the tremendous quantity of material to master, Medical School administrators term the time period from February 5 to March 9 "the killer block." University administrators advised the class in order to pass medical school nothing can distract you from your studies during this time. However during this crucial time Associate Dean Judy DeMers jeopardized my scholastic standing by engaging in and condoning harassment.

Incident of Harassment Transpiring During The Crucial "March Block"

1. 2/2 9:30 p.m. Harassing telephone call-laughing (first set of charges filed)

2. 2/3 1:20 a.m. Harassing telephone call-we got you now bitch (male)

3. 2/3 2:45 a.m. Telephone call-"I got you" followed by weird laughter.

4. 2/3 4:47 a.m. Telephone call-silence, then laughing

5. 2/4 11:58 p.m. Harassing telephone call weird laughing

6. 2/5 Stating "its real serious" Judy DeMers called me away from a Physiology examination to summons me to her office.

7. 2/5 DeMers presented a charge I cheated on an examination I never took nor was I scheduled to take because a student (Gayle Ellner) rendered the opinion she thought her examination was "hard."

8. 2/5 11:45 p.m. Harassing telephone call-weird laughter

9. 2/6 Harassers glued the lock on my locker closed. Consequently, I was unable to obtain my anatomy laboratory materials in time for class. The lock had to be sawed off and consequently replaced.

10. 2/6 Harassing letter found in my medical school mail slot. It read "Gotcha Ha Ha Ha Ha"

11. 2/6 11:03 p.m. Telephone call "we’re gonna give you problems girl" then tearing or hissing sound.

12. 2/7 Harassers ruined my anatomy laboratory book. Incident transpired in the anatomy laboratory.

13. 2/7 Harassing/obscene letter found in my medical school mailbox

14. 2/7 11:30 a.m. Harassing telephone call-laughter, tearing or hissing noise

15. 2/7 11:31 p.m. laughing

16. 2/8 6:23 a.m. Harassing telephone call-laughter, tearing or hissing noise

17. 2/8 Harassing/obscene letter found in my medical school mailbox

18. 2/9 Tom Akers refused to answer my physiology or neuroscience questions.

19. 2/9 11:59 p.m. Harassing telephone call-laughing

20. 2/10 7:20 a.m. Harassing telephone call-laughter, tearing or hissing noise

21. 2/10 1:30 p.m. Harassing telephone call- laughing

22. 2/11 10:15 p.m. Harassing telephone call-banging noise and another noise

23. 2/11 11:40 p.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing or hissing noise then banging

24. 2/12 Harassing telephone call-early evening laughing

25. 2/12 1:45 a.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing and banging

26. 2/12 Male caller "If we don’t get you this time, we’ll get you next time". University police notified.

27. 2/12 10:45 p.m. Harassing telephone call-laughter, tearing or hissing noise

28. 2/12 11:05 p.m. Male caller "More charges will be filed against you" & laughing. University police informed.

29. 2/13 Threat "We’ll get you out of school by saying you cheated"

30. 2/13 3:30 a.m. Harassing telephone call-laughing, hissing and banging

31. 2/13 I found cadaver parts in my lab coat

32. 2/13 University holds first hearing on cheating charge. DeMers advises me to "get an attorney because we sure are." This hearing caused me to miss dinner in the dormitory therefore I had to go to a restaurant.

33. 2/13 10:02 p.m. Harassing telephone call-laughing

34. 2/13 11:54 p.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing or hissing sound

35. 2/14 1:30 a.m. "I do not want you in that class anymore"

36. 2/14 Threat "We’re gonna get you again"

37. 2/14 Threat "If you want to live you better not come to the med school again"

38. 2/14 11:46 p.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing or hissing sound

39. 2/16 2:49 a.m. "Just wait" plus tearing and banging.

40. 2/16 Harassing/obscene letter found in school mailbox

41. 2/16 My dissecting instruments stolen from the freshman medical school laboratory.

42. 2/16 Judy DeMers again summoned me out of physiology class to present charge against me pertaining to the same examination I did not take and was not scheduled to take. This charge accused me of overhearing a conversation in which no specific questions or answers were discussed!

43. 2/16 DeMers advised "you had better get a good lawyer because these charges are serious and you can be dismissed over them."

44. 2/16 Harassers burglarized my locker. Perpetrator(s) strewn my books around the hallway-some books sustained heavy damage but I never recovered my neuroanatomy notebook.

45. 2/17 Weird letter "We’ll get you out"

46. 2/17 Weird letter "your new truck is a garbage dump"-I found trash in the bed of my pick-up.

47. 2/18 Two hub caps stolen from my truck.

48.2/19 Weird letter "Want your notes now?".

49. 2/20 Thumb tacks placed on my chair

50. 2/20 I tried unsuccessfully to obtain answers to my academic questions.

51. 2/20 Harassers wrote obscenities on my lab coat. This required I purchase a new lab coat.

52. 2/21 The University summoned me to another hearing scheduled for the next day pertaining to this latest "cheating" charge.

53. 2/22 Threat "watch your back girl"

54. 2/22 University held second hearing and elected to hold a third regarding the allegation I overheard a conversation where nothing was discussed about the physiology examination I did not take and was not scheduled to take!

55. 2/22 Tom Akers refused to answer to my academic questions

56. 2/23 University scheduled third hearing on the bogus cheating allegations.

57. 2/23 Harassers put gum all over my new coat ruining the garment. The incident transpired in the medical school's first year classroom.

58. 2/23 7:03 p.m. "mum hum" then tearing.

59. 2/24 2:38 a.m. Threat "I’m going to cut you up".

60. 2/24 I found straight pins inserted into my chair-this forced me to relocate to the back of the room. Unfortunately, because it was very noisy I had difficulty hearing the instructor.

61. 2/25 Harassing letter found in my medical school mailbox.

62. 2/26 Scratches on truck

63. 2/26 Harassing weird letter "U R not safe at this med school"

64. 2/27 Threat "I’ll cause more trouble for you. Judy is on my side. We will finish you"

65. 2/27 Trash placed in the bed of my pick-up! Note on windshield "from us with hate"

66. 2/28 Harassing weird letter "Go back to Wyoming cow girl"

67. 2/28 Thomas Akers, University administrator, SPRC Chairman, professor and Chairman of the Physiology Department, refused to answer my academic questions!

68. 3/1 Weird, threatening letter found in my medical school mailbox "U be killed with a knife".

69. 3/1 Tom Akers chairman of the committee pursuing the cheating allegations advised me to pick up a letter pertaining to the hearing. I traveled to his office only to learn he mailed the previous day.

70. 3/5 Harassers let the air out of two of my tires.

71. 3/5 I traveled to the Post Office to retrieve the factually incorrect certified letter from Tom Akers, chairman of the committee pursuing the cheating allegations.

72. 3/6 Glue put all over my books-several items destroyed-incident occurred in the classroom.

73. 3/7 Threat "we're gonna say U cheated again"

74. 3/7 Threat "we're gonna get you out of school for cheating on these exams"

75. 3/8 During a laboratory examination Gayle (the same individual involved in the bogus cheating charges) walked up to me twice saying "my block exams are hard and I can't identify this structure." I reported this to Judy DeMers-of course, nothing happened to Gayle. Why?

76. 3/9 1:15 a.m. Harassing telephone call-Laughing and paper tearing


Spring Break, March 10 through March 18 no class in session-classes resume March 19.


77. 3/20 Upon return from Spring Break I found harassing/ obscene letter in my medical school mailbox

78 . 3/20 Rampent discussion of the upcoming supposedly confidential upcoming SPRC* hearing pervaded the first year medical school class. Of course, no disciplinary action transpired against these students for violating the medical school’s confidentiality standards.

*SPRC stands for Student Performance and Recognition Committee. This obviously incompetent committee is responsible for determining the future of University of North Dakota School of Medicine students!

79. 3/20 SPRC held a publicly humiliating hearing on bogus cheating charges. After University administrators excused the other students, University officials revealed I was not to take the academic examination in question and they admitted I did not cheat! However, they made no effort to notify the class of this fact and the notation I had been academically dishonesty remains in my files!

80. 3/20 Threat "You’ll be seriously injured"

81. 3/20 11:45 a.m. Harassing telephone call-Laughing

82. 3/21 12:42 p.m. Harassing telephone call-Silence

83. 3/21 Threat "we've only just begun"

84. 3/21 Again I found straight pins embedded in my chair.

85. 3/21 Threat "We're gonna get U out"

Realizing the harassment would continue and not wishing to have a catastrophic tragedy befall me, I sat in different locations each class period. However no other front row seats were available and because of constant apparently nonessential talking and other background noise, I really could not hear the lectures.

Because my harassers historically carried out threats and Medical School administrators supported these individuals, I took added safety precautions including moving my vehicle frequently, walking in crowds and most importantly, avoid medical school study areas.

86. 3/21 Weird letter "Here’s more or your notes"

87. 3/21 Animal feces smeared all over truck

88. 3/21 11:58 p.m. Harassing telephone call laughing, banging, and tearing noises.

89. 3/22 I received a letter acknowledging the University disregarded factual evidence, placed a notation in my permanent record plus placed me on one year probation for possibly overhearing the conversations were nothing specific was said about the examination I was not scheduled to take and did not take-their version of academic dishonesty. The University committee noted "another violation of this nature will be considered much more serious and that we should warn her that it is a serious business and that the committee considers it such".

90. 3/22 Harassing/obscene letter found in my medical school mailbox.

91. 3/22 Truck’s headlight assembly broken

92. 3/23 Threat "we're gonna poison the coffee U bring to class"

93. 3/23 Harassers placed glue in my truck’s door locks.

94. 3/23 I discovered a greasy substance splattered all over my new vehicle.

95. 3/23 11:54 p.m Harassing telephone call-laughing and tearing noises.

96. 3/24 5:03 a.m. Harassing telephone call-laughing

97. 3/24 Harassers stole one of my vehicle's hub caps

98. 3/25 Threat "Your truck will never run again"

99. 3/26 Harassers cracked my truck’s windshield

100. 3/27 12:57 a.m. "We put drugs in your locker"

101. Harassers glued the other door lock on my vehicle

102. Harassers smashed my new vehicle's left tail light assembly

103. 3/29 Harassers seared Animal feces on my new vehicle

104. Threat "we're going to stick pins in your spine"

105. 4/2 Threat "I’ll push you down the stairs"

106. 4/2 Harassers smashed my vehicle's driver side mirror

107. 4/3 Weird letter found in my medical school mailbox

University committee member asked if I showed this note to anyone. I replied affirmatively.

108. 4/3 Threat "We’re going to get you out for cheating on the next exams"

109. 4/3 Harassers smashed my vehicle's passenger side mirror

110. 4/4 oily substance splattered all over my vehicle

111. 4/4 Windshield wipers stolen from my truck

112. 4/5 Threat "we’ll hurt u real bad"

113. 4/5 Another cracked windshield

114. 4/5 license plate stolen

115. 4/6 Threat "We’ll accuse you of robbery"

116. 4/8 Threat-female student said "I want to stab you girl" and she had a knife!

In an attempt to protect myself, save my career, and protect my property, I sought a leave of absence. The University refused to grant the request!

I clearly advised University officials my harassers frightened me and I really wanted to study medicine in a safe environment free of harassment.

April 9 through 17, 1990-I knew my safety was in danger, I did not know what would transpire next, but one thing was certain-the medical school’s administration would unequivocally support whatever these individuals did. Consequently, I left the University of North Dakota and Grand Forks on April 9, 1990, returning April 17, 1990, to retrieve my belongings subsequent to the medical school’s de facto dismissal.

117. 4/12 University committee votes to effectively end my medical career on by forcing me to fail!

Upon returning to Grand Forks the following incidents of harassment transpired.

118. 4/17 Obviously, acting on the statement made by the SPRC committee member on April 12, 1990, (sound file-Force fail #2 above), Judy DeMers convened a "Behavioral Assessment" against me. However, she officially based the need for this assessment on fanciful allegations she concocted. See section entitled DeMers Cons University To Conduct Behavioral Assessment On False Pretences

119. 4/17 Judy DeMers advised me dismissal from the University transpired at this "behavioral assessment" and the University required me to vacate the campus and not set foot in the medical school again without first obtaining a pass from the Dean or herself. Naturally, I wrote Dean James he concurred with Judy’s statement by not responding to my letter.

120. 4/17 Threat "We’ll slash your tires"

121. 4/19 Gayle Ellner pulls her suicide stunt. She alleged I telephoned her threatening suicide!

122. 4/22 1:56 p.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing sound, banging

123. 4/22 8:18 p.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing sound, banging

124. 4/22 11:53 p.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing sound, banging

125. 4/23 10:03 p.m. Harassing telephone call-tearing sound, banging

April 29, 1990, I departed Grand Forks and did not return until June 24,1990, to attend the University of North Dakota's dog and pony show they claimed was a "dismissal hearing."

126. June 25, 1990, University officials and several witnesses stated this University condoned harassment wasted my valuable study time and jeopardized my academic standing. Nevertheless, SPRC committee members dismissed me thereby inflicting major damage to my life and acknowledging they condone and engage in hazing and harassment!

127. 1990-1993-Numerous harassing and weird letters continued arriving at my house from North Dakota-all sent to addresses on file with Judy DeMers. FBI investigates-I am not the perpetrator.

Payroll data, invoices and witnesses verify I am not committing these transgressions. Statements from individual witnesses verifying my whereabouts when some of these incidents transpired.

Note: According to the Medical School, the foregoing does not constitute harassment. However, if I filed complaints against my harassers that would constitute harassment. Moreover, to medical school administrators my being victimized with this harassment meant I was emotionally unstable, of course they would not consider evidence!

Because this continual barrage of harassment greatly interfered with my scholastic endeavors, I initiated two requests.

1. 2/22/90-I advised the Medical School I expected to have the same amount of study time afforded my classmates free of harassment for the upcoming spring examination block and requested the medical school provide unencumbered study time.

2. 3/90-I requested examination delays because this harassment interfered with my studies.


Ridiculous Comment Made By Liar Judy DeMers:

2-22-90. Arline Schubert, attorney-at-law; Vivian; and I met briefly. Vivian was complaining about having to take the block exams on 3-8 and 3-9-90. She stated she shouldn’t have to take them because of her involvement in due process activities. I reminded Vivian of our conversation on 2-5-90 that regardless of the due process proceedings, she was expected to continue studying and to take the exams with her class. Arline Schubert agreed with this recommendation, explaining to Vivian that professional women always are dealing with multiple pressures and it is necessary to learn how to handle these.


Comment: I became a professional pilot in 1980 and traveled to six continents including some remote areas of our world where people reside common to the pages of National Geographic. It would be nice if Judy DeMers and this band of savages could bring themselves up to the level of these indigenous peoples and cease trying to destroy everything professional people strive to achieve.

Notes: Other factors must also be considered-the amount of time and money spent dealing with these incidents. For instance, it takes time to obtain another dissecting set, replace a workbook, locate and consult with an attorney, transfer assets to pay the attorney and relocate my vehicle to hide it from these nuts. After all, the University unequivocally supported these people if they destroyed my $17,000 vehicle I would simply be out of luck. Additionally, this harassment forced me to move from my front row seat-I frankly could not hear the instructor in the middle or back of the room. There was too much extraneous noise.

University Of North Dakota Rewards Harassment, Threatening and Unprofessional Behavior


How The University Handled My Complaint-Subsequent to this plethora of harassment, I filed a seven (7) page (not 17 page) complaint against the suspected perpetrators. The University refused to comply with regulations or act on my complaint.

Judy DeMers Said:

5-30-90. Vivian Nelson filed 17 pages against Gayle Ellner, Laurie Richardson, and Steve Johnson. I informed each of the students of the charges and forwarded them to SPRC.

6-7-90. The SPRC subcommittee recommended the charges be dropped.



Judy DeMers stated if I charged my harassers with unprofessional conduct before the March 20 hearing against she (Judy) would file harassment charges against me! Consequently, I waited. The result? The University of North Dakota supported the harassers by failing to comply with published University regulations.

Sound File (Witness statement regarding the University's blatantly inequitable activities)

Sound file-Statement pertaining to the University of North Dakota's obvious lack of due process.


Question: What happened to due process?

Regulations Pertaining To Matters Of Academic Honesty And Unprofessional Behavior

A. The following process has been developed for dealing with those students who may have demonstrated academic dishonesty or who, by their behavior, have created a question as to whether they should continue in the study of medicine.

B. Charges of unprofessional behavior and academic dishonesty shall be submitted in signed, written form to one of the campus Deans or the Associate Dean of Student Affairs who in turn will forward them to the SPRC. Any member of the School of Medicine community may file such a written charge. The written charge must describe the specific conduct or circumstances in detail which allow review by the appropriate persons or committees, and which informs the student of the nature of the offenses or conduct which must be explained.

C. Filing a written charge of unprofessional behavior or academic dishonesty requires the development of a confidential file located in the Office of Student Affairs. Unless the charges are found to be clearly groundless by any of the individuals or groups authorized to make an investigation, this file will be maintained as part of the student’s permanent record.

D. After a written charge of unprofessional behavior or academic dishonesty has been filed, the following process will be followed:

1. The SPRC chairperson shall appoint a committee consisting of two students and one faculty member.

2. The committee will meet with the involved student and the individual(s) filing the charge as soon as possible. The student will be given the opportunity to explain or rebut any of the evidence or information concerning conduct or circumstances contained in the written charge.

3. After reviewing al pertinent information the committee shall make one of the following recommendations to the SPRC:

a. drop the matter due to insufficient evidence.

b. refer the matter to the full SPRC for investigation and hearing.

4. The SPRC will review he committee’s recommendation and supporting information and, if a hearing is requested, initiate the procedure outlined below. All actions shall be explained and recorded in the student’s confidential file.

The University rewarded each of these harassers by granting them the MD degree!

Applicable Regulations Violated By The University of North Dakota School Of Medicine

(Complete Set Of Applicable Regulations Provided In The Appendix Of This Report)


Code of Student Life-Regulations of the University of North Dakota

1-4 Hazing or Harassment

Hazing or harassment is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally to produce psychological or physical discomfort, embarrassment, or ridicule. It is assumed that all University of North Dakota students, student groups, faculty, and staff are interested in intellectual and social development of individual members; therefore, in activities no action will be taken which stands to endanger the health of the individual, or demand of him or her undignified conduct, or in any way jeopardize his or her scholastic standing or general well-being.


2-2 Regulations

(Regulations apply to students, faculty and staff. The following conduct is prohibited.)

No person may:

Violate either singly or in concert with others the minimum standards of individual conduct required by the laws of the United States or the state of North Dakota or by local ordinances, whether or not the violations occur on University property or in connection with any University-oriented activity, including, but not limited to, disorderly conduct and disruptive activity.

Conducts himself/herself in a matter that significantly interferes with the operations of the University or endangers the health or safety of members of the University and/or visitors on campus.

Engages in hazing. Hazing by individuals or University, groups is prohibited on or off campus. Hazing is defined to include any action, activities or situations intentionally created to produce unnecessary or undue mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, ridicule, excessive fatigue, interference with scholastic or personal lives, or exposure to situations wherein one's physical or mental well-being may be in danger.

Engages in disruptive activity such as, but not limited to, disorderly conduct, which includes physical or verbal abuse of another person; abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language in a public place; obscene actions; and/or disrespect for the rights and privileges of others.

Citing sovereign immunity, the University of North Dakota refuses to comply with regulations guaranteeing me unharassed study time or discipline the individuals committing these atrocities!

The material in this web clearly illustrates the University's actions against me had nothing to do with my ability to work with patients or my fitness as a potential physician. The University sanctioned abuses and abused me because I lack influence and the plethora of funding necessary to replace equipment subsequent to harassment and repeatedly hire attorneys at a cost of over $100.00 per hour!

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