More On The University Of North Dakota's June25, 1990 "Dog & Pony Show"


Note: University officials advised us of the outcome of the June 25, 1990, before the hearing transpired!


Disregarding my objections the University committee members deciding my future permitted Judy DeMers to attend the June 25, 1990, hearing and remain throughout the deliberation phase of the hearing! I objected to Judy DeMers' presence at the hearing because she is a manipulative liar, who repeatedly impeded compliance with mandatory regulations, and condoned unprofessional behavior as illustrated by this Sound file.

During this hearing a University administrator questioned committee job performance and issues pertaining to harassment. Sound file

Also during the June 25, 1990, hearing University administrators discussed my grades and conceded I suffered a lot of harassment. Sound file

University officials conceded I made a strong case for a poor academic showing and leaving school subsequent to the massive harassment to which I fell victim. Sound file (I performed adequately until the onset of intense harassment) Sound file

Even a University of North Dakota psychologist testified accordingly.

Another University official concurred. Sound file

Instead of complying with published regulations the committee deciding my future began to consider either suspension or dismissal. Sound file #1 | Sound file #2

The Chairman of the University's dismissal committee stated the testimony and witness presented at the June 25, 1990, hearing raised questions pertaining to the issue of harassment. He wondered if the University should wait until all the facts were in before making a final decision. Sound file

However, University committee members disregarded published University policy and statements given by the numerous witnesses and formally dismissed me! Sound file reveals University committee members' confusion .

Hazing or Harassment-Hazing or harassment is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally to produce psychological or physical discomfort, embarrassment, or ridicule. It is assumed that all University of North Dakota students, student groups, faculty, and staff are interested in intellectual and social development of individual members; therefore, in activities no action will be taken which stands to endanger the health of the individual, or demand of him or her undignified conduct, or in any way jeopardize his or her scholastic standing or general well-being.


The University supported harassment wasted about 45% of my study time, yet University officials obviously could not comprehend the devastating toll these antics had on my semester, career and my life.

Witness statement pertaining to the blatant unfairness prevalent at the University of North Dakota.

Sound file-An accurate summation of the 1988 school year.

Harassing, Threatening Letters Sent From North Dakota On May 25, 1990, Arrive At My Wyoming Residence

Witness statements do not concur with Judy DeMers' insinuation I committed the telephone calls, wrote the letters and inflicted property damage.

Note: These exchanges deal exclusively with the weird letters mailed to me from Grand Forks postmarked May 25, 1990. University officials did not refer to Judy DeMers' May 25, 1990, allegation!