University Condoned Harassment Forced Me To Seek Leave Of Absence

In an attempt to protect myself, save my career, and protect my property, I sought a leave of absence. The University refused to grant the request!


March 29, 1990-The continual barrage of harassment and refusals to answer my academic questions seriously damaged my semester and imperiled my career. Consequently, I consulted John Vennes (Dean of Basic Sciences) for assistance in salvaging my career. He suggested I petition the University for a leave of absence.Sound file

April 9, 1990-The Medical School’s committee responsible for making decisions pertaining to students elected to deny my request for a leave of absence.

The committee Chairman responsible for student continuance in medical school stated:

Dean James received a letter dated 4-30-90 on 5-4-90 in which Vivian Nelson stated "I am requesting to be withdrawn from my Spring 1990 classes. I also stated this is not a withdrawal from medical school or UNDSM". She was advised by letter 5-11-90 that there is no mechanism to withdraw from classes without concurrent withdrawal from UNDSM except by leave of absence which in her case had been denied 4-9-90.


April 12, 1990-Apparently to give the impression of due process, the committee allowed me to present my request. However, the committee did not vote on my request for a leave of absence. Instead, the committee was asked to decide either "to effectively end Vivian’s medical career that day or give her a leave with conditions making it impossible for her to ever return to school!"


The committee decided to end my career by forcing me to fail!


May 15, 1990-Subsequent to learning the University did not appropriately act upon my previous request for a leave of absence I again requested consideration in an effort to salvage my medical career. The University violated published regulations by not responding to my request and effectively condoning harassment.


Citing sovereign immunity, the University of North Dakota refused to act upon my request or allow me the opportunity to appeal the decision not to act upon my request.



This was the same committee believing possibly overhearing conversations where no specific question or answers are discussed pertaining to an examination I did not take and was not to take constituted academic dishonesty!



Hazing or Harassment

Hazing or Harassment-Hazing or harassment is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally to produce psychological or physical discomfort, embarrassment, or ridicule. It is assumed that all University of North Dakota students, student groups, faculty, and staff are interested in intellectual and social development of individual members; therefore, in activities no action will be taken which stands to endanger the health of the individual, or demand of him or her undignified conduct, or in any way jeopardize his or her scholastic standing or general well-being.

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