Date incident allegedly occurred: December 7 THRU 11, 1989

Date of official medical school "dismissal": June 25, 1990

Date University first notified me of this charge: February 8, 1991



Judy DeMersí statement is misleading and the Universityís response to this deplorable situation is inadequate. Judy DeMers and the University failed to address the violations of student academic confidentiality transpiring at the School of Medicine. Nevertheless, Associate Dean Judy DeMers mislead University committees and ultimately the Court by creating and utilizing the following allegation to obtain my medical school dismissal.



12-7 - 12-11-89. On 12-7-89 the office received a letter from Vivian Nelson(dated 12-6-89) and I read it on 12-8-89 after returning from a trip. It indicated her LOA of 11-14-88 - 8-6-89 had been unnecessary; causing her a year of her life, $9,592, and redrawing of Phase IV sites. She also expressed her displeasure about class elections (which had occurred in August, 1989). She had specific complaints about her class representative on SPRC (against whom she had run for the office). On 12-11-89, I received a copy of a 12-7-89 letter she had written to this student, complaining about his performance on the SPRC. I met with that student today. At 9:30 p.m. on 12-11-89, Vivian left a "very angry" message on my answering machine addressing this same topic as well as the anonymous phone call described below.



Hyperlinked evidence page reveals Bob Anderson's engaged in numerous incidents of academic confidentiality.

Accompanying University records.

Note: University records reveal no mention of any "very angry message" again revealing this allegation is another Judy DeMers concocted fairy tale.


Chronological memorandums authored by Judy DeMers reveal she concocted this prevarication long after dismissal.

Date of Entry

Subject of University of North Dakota Student Record Entry

November 27, 1989

Blizzard conditions close roads, delay return to Grand Forks one day

December 23, 1989

Embryology (developmental anatomy) matter

Accessibility to complete medical school record is obtainable by clicking the hypertext entitled "Complete Student Records" located on the Home Page.



As with violations of medical confidentiality, I deplore violations of any studentís confidential academic files or unauthorized discussions of any studentís academic, personal or financial concerns.



Appendix contains applicable regulations disregarded by the University of North Dakota.


Citing sovereign immunity, the University of North Dakota refuses to comply with regulations guaranteeing me the opportunity to respond to this half-truth.


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