Date incident allegedly occurred: May 25, 1990

Date of official medical school "dismissal": June 25, 1990

Date University first notified me of this charge: February 8, 1991

Date University first provided a copy of materials pertinent to this charge: July 22, 1993



Note: Similar harassment episodes transpired in North Dakota as early as 1986 clearly prior to my arrival in North Dakota, moreover, these incidents continued for years after my departure and may still be transpiring. The perpetrator sent the materials to addresses filed with Judy DeMers’ office.

(At least two of these harassing and threatening letters originated from a telephone number registered to Judy DeMers! Please see "Typical threat condoned by University administrators" and "Typical smutty material issued by my harassers also condoned by University administrators").

1. Beginning February 1990, harassing, immature, weird letters began arriving in my University mailbox. The medical school enrolled some immature individuals, who childishly placed body parts from cadavers in laboratory coats, put thumbtacks on chairs, glued locks and otherwise behaved like children. Consequently, I initially discarded the letters.


2. Starting March 1990, these letters began referencing Medical School matters. Accordingly, I informed University officials. Subsequently, University administrators requested I advise them of developments relating to this situation and provide materials related to this matter. Consequently, I provided University administrators materials I held in my possession plus the name of a suspect and physical evidence believed to belong to the individual responsible for these mailings. Naturally, the materials I supplied contained indented writing, fingerprints and other identifiable characteristics specific to me.


Note: The weird letter incidents, harassing telephone calls, and the criminal theft of my notes appears related. The parcel containing my notes, also contained copious quantities of other personal effects-the perpetrator both referenced these items during harassing telephone calls and mailed some items in the weird letter correspondence.


The University utilized this indented writing finding to justify dismissal neglecting to consider they asked me to provide this material. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, (not the University), notified me of the indented writing.



I was in southeast Wyoming, 2 days and 995 miles away from Grand Forks on May 25, 1990, when this incident transpired. Moreover, I do not possess knowledge of Judy DeMers’ son, his fiancée, her family, their residence, employment or other information, including information pertaining to matrimony (dates, location, etc.).


The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated these incidents. Clearly, I have no involvement in this matter. Nevertheless, Associate Dean Judy DeMers lied to University committees and ultimately the Court by creating and utilizing the following false statement to obtain my medical school dismissal.



5-25 to 5-29-90. I left for the lake on Friday, 5-25-90, for Memorial Day week-end with my son, Bob, and my mother. Upon returning home on Monday evening, 5-28-90, I discovered a package on my dining room table. The address was stenciled (printing). I concluded that the package was delivered on Friday (5-25) or Saturday (5-26) and the persons painting my kitchen on Saturday had brought it into the house. The package contained several notes about Vivian and a Fleets enema. They were copies. The original used letters cut out, from magazines/newspapers headlines. An example includes, "You killed Vivian", etc. My son returning from his fiance’s house, also had a similar letter (same stencil, same type of diamond patterned envelope). It had been left on his fiance’s parents’ car on Friday (5-25-90) night. The note inside read, "I’m pregnant and Bob is the father. (Signed) Woman in Trouble."

I took both notes to the University Police on Tuesday morning (5-29-90). They concluded both were written by the same person. They decided to assign an undercover policeman to my son’s wedding on June 2, 1990.



Judy DeMers spells fiancée as follows "fiance." Because I copied her factually incorrect allegations verbatim, I corrected neither her spelling nor grammar.



This table lists the contents of my student record during the period in question.

The absence of this and all the other allegations concocted by DeMers from my complete University records reveals Judy DeMers contrived these prevarications long after dismissal.

Date Of Record Entry Subject Of Record Entry Author
05-15-90 letter re: dean’s letter VN
05-20-90 charges against harassers VN
05-22-90 letter re: dean’s letter JLD
05-24-90 memo re: anatomy items JO
05-26-90 letter re: UND matter VN
06-01-90 WICHE progress report JLD
06-06-90 memo re: Weird letter Sannes
06-08-90 memo re: pro-harassment decision JLD
06-11-90 letter re: dismissal TKA
06-12-90 memo re: my charges MM
06-12-90 memo re: my call Caswell
06-16-90 memo re: my call JLD
06-19-90 memo re: UND matter JLD
06-19-90 memo re: dismissal hearing JLD
06-21-90 memo re: my call TKA
06-25-90 Dismissal Hearing UND

Accessibility to complete medical school record is obtainable by clicking the hypertext entitled "Complete Student Records" located on the Home Page. See also the section entitled "University if North Dakota condones harassment."



Appendix contains applicable regulations disregarded by the University of North Dakota.


Citing sovereign immunity, the University of North Dakota refuses to comply with regulations guaranteeing me the opportunity to respond to this factually incorrect, absurd allegation contrived months after my dismissal!

What Probably Happened On May 25, 1990

Judy DeMers is an insecure, manipulative liar motivated to commit this crime for two reasons.

1. By accusing me of committing this sick act, Judy DeMers would eliminate me from the University of North Dakota permitting her continued utilization of her University office for her political gains.

2. If she succeeded in fracturing her son’s relationship, she would retain her mother-son relationship without sharing him with a third party, that is, a spouse.

Please see section entitled Chronological Incidents of University Condoned Harassment for additional details.

On May 25, 1990, as DeMers left for "the lake" she placed one parcel by her door then traveled to her future in-law's residence and deposited another. Judy DeMers possessed knowledge and familiarity of her future in-laws and their property, which clearly provided DeMers safety during the commission of this crime.

Whereas a stranger would be in a precarious position placing parcels on someone’s property, DeMers possessed valid excuses to be on her future in-law's property. If discovered, DeMers would declare she found the parcel on the property and was bringing it to them or someone gave it to her and she brought it with her from her automobile by mistake. Then, she would merely recover previously delivered parcels should she be required to abort her mission. A stranger clearly would not have that liberty. Finally, Judy DeMers’ last stop was the post office where she mailed the weird letters intending to implicate me in her scheme.

Some correspondence sent by DeMers contained indented writing and my personal effects. University administrators knew my belongings disappeared with my developmental anatomy notes and I provided material held in my possession relating to this matter subsequent to University requests preceding this incident. Consequently, identifiable characteristics are neither surprise nor an excuse to deny substantive due process. Moreover, DeMers’ attempt to obstruct substantive due process by omitting this prevarication from the dismissal hearing and University record reveals her anxiety to exposure.


Typical threat condoned by University administrators.  ***

Typical smutty material issued by my harassers also condoned by University administrators.***



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