Date incident allegedly occurred: March 9, 1990

Date of official medical school "dismissal": June 25, 1990

Date University first notified me of this charge: February 8, 1991



The University canceled all classes for spring break, which commenced after classes on March 9, 1990, and continued through March 19, 1990. The Medical School does not record attendance because the Medical School does not have an attendance policy however; my notes prove I attended classes. Nevertheless, Associate Dean Judy DeMers lied to the University committees and ultimately the Court by creating and utilizing the following false statement to obtain my medical school dismissal.



3-9-90. Vivian stopped attending class on any regular basis.



  1. Medical School's Academic Calendar

Calendar covering the relevant period of time-

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19


  1. Accompanying University records reveal DeMers concocted this prevarication long after dismissal. Certainly, if this allegation held any merit documentation would exist in my student record.

This table lists the contents of my student record during the period in question.

Date                            Number of Pages         Contents                 Author

03-12-90 1 pg. memo re: Anat. exam Jean Ob
03-22-90 1 pg. letter re: charges TKA
03-26-90 1 pg. letter re: tuition JLD
03-28-90 1 pg. letter re: hearing VN
03-29-90 1 pg. memo re: harassment Vennes
04-03-90 1 pg. letter re: appeal ECJ
04-04-90 1 pg. letter re: appeal ECJ
04-05-90 1 pg. memo re: LOA JLD
04-04-90 11 pg. petition for Leave of Absence VN
04-03-90 1 pg. Evidence weird letter ?
04-05-90 1 pg. memo re: LOA JLD
04-05-90 1 pg. continuation of above VN
04-05-90 1 pg. memo re: UND matters JLD
04-07-90 1 pg. letter re: LOA hearing VN
04-09-90 1 pg. letter re: call to Vennes Caswell
04-09-90 1 pg. minutes SPRC hearing TKA

Accessibility to complete medical school record is obtainable by clicking the hypertext entitled "Complete Student Records" located on the Home Page.

See also the section entitled University Of North Dakota Condones Harassment by clicking the hypertext entitled "Complete Student Records" located on the Home Page.


  1. Statement made by University committee chairman (Tom Akers) during the deliberations of the April 12, 1990, meeting at which University administrators decided to force me to fail, contradicts Judy's fanciful allegation. "She missed almost two weeks of class because she fears for her life".


Appendix contains applicable regulations disregarded by the University of North Dakota.


Citing sovereign immunity, the University of North Dakota refuses to comply with regulations guaranteeing me the opportunity to respond to this factually incorrect allegation contrived months after my dismissal!


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